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Mr Andrea Graziani

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Mr Andrea Graziani
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Native name Andrea Graziani
Born 1987/03/06 in Verona (Italia)
🏡 Residence Verona (Italia)
🏳️ Nationality Italy
🏫 Education University of Verona
💼 Occupation
Photographer ; Videomaker ; Influencer
Agent Individual
🎱 Height 177
🏅 Awards Best Night Life Photographer Italy
👍  Facebook/grazianiandrea7
📷 Instagram/graziani_andrea
💼 LinkedIN/grazianiandrea7/

Early Life[modifica]

Born in Verona on March 6, 1987, Andrea Graziani has cultivated a passion for football and photography since he was a child. In 2010 he started his activity as a photographer, immediately as a nightlife and marketing photographer. Andrea Graziani, a Veronese native, attended the Scientific High School before enrolling at the University of Verona in 2010. Throughout his childhood and adulthood, he has pursued photography as more than a hobby, and has been allowed to do so since 2011. It was always in his nature to be creative, to invent and dream up new things. He could use photography and film to express himself. He has been named one of Italy’s top ten nightlife photographers for the previous three years, and he has won this title three times. Graziani Andrea also engages with and gives resources to a wide range of enterprises and communication agencies. Since 2013 he has been a photographer and video maker for Red Bull Italia events. Since 2017, after several collaborations with public figures and influencers, he collaborates with various agencies also as an influencer. He is very active on Instagram and is followed by over 600 thousand followers. In 2020 he is nominated, for the third consecutive year, best night life photographer in Italy. Over the past year, he has created a lot of content that has gone viral and is making him very successful. He is also among the 10 most important Night Life Photographer in Italy.

Personal Life[modifica]

Andrea Graziani is a Photographer, Videomaker and Influencer, they live in Verona, Italia, and whose works have been widely collected and republished.[1] Andrea come to Verona from a little city, when he was forty years old. He is a freelance photography from in 2011, and was the founding President of the Seven Photo in Italy. Now Andrea works with many agencies in Italy. He has been engaged to Sara Allegri since 2019, Andrea has 3 dogs: Bolt, Dado and Nerina. Since 2021, after COVID, he has decided to devote himself to travel.


Andrea is an actor, he has starred in two films: "Arachnicide" (2014) and "Il Migliore" (2005).


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